Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mad Free!!!!!

On Saturday, May 4, I went to a MAD Free event, hosted by Michaela angela Davis, with my mom. The event took place at the Ultra Vintage located in Brooklyn, New York.  The purpose was  to pay tribute to the Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin mother, by writing her a personal message on a sheet of paper. How creative you got, was really up to you. I wrote peace, love, justice, and hope for in my tribute because she is dealing with a lot of stress and I want to make her feel better.

 Creating a masterpiece

My tribute to Ms. Sybrina Fulton

After we finished, Miss Michaela shared the story about the death of her brother who passed away when he was also seventeen years old, like Trayvon. She interviewed her mother who was cried when she explained how much she missed her son and how much her life changed. It was emotional and I was glad that I could share the time with my mom.

Ms.Michaela and Ms.Helen Delaney

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