Friday, September 6, 2013

Labor Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Saturday, August 31st I participated in Kiddie Carnival, I was in the band 1199 seiu. I walked from St. Johns Place to the Back of Brooklyn Museum. It was very hot, but I got threw it. I went on the stage and I had a great time.

On Monday, September 2nd, there was the Eastern Parkway parade. It started from Rochester to the Brooklyn Museum, It started around 12 and ended at 3. The parade included the Mayor candidates such as Anthony Weiner and Christine Quinn.

Brownsville Shooting

On September 2nd, a 16 month old baby Antiq Hennis was shot in his stroller in Brownsville, Brooklyn. In result of the shooting, there was a rally for the 1 year old. I went to the rally in Brownsville on Wednesday and it was very touching.  R.I.P Antiq Hennis. 
Antiq Hennis.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

My Mom
Do you have a mom that is cool? Well my mom is, she is a hard-working principal who try her best to make other children's life better. She is a leader, cute, and a loving and caring mom. I think my mom is the # 1 mom in the world, she went threw a lot to be who is is now. She has accomplished a lot to provide for me, my grandma and others. She is the BEST!!!!!!!!!

My Favorite Candy

  1. Jolly Rancher
  2. Nerds 
  3. Gummy Bears 
  4. Blow pop
  5. Bubble Gum
  6. Smarties 

Sunday, September 9, 2012

5 of My Favorite Shows on Food Network

Food Network.svg

  1. The Great Food Truck Race 
  2. Food Network Star
  3. Chopped  
  4. Paula's Best Dishes 
  5. Cupcake Wars

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Shades of beauty

This picture represent women of different 
shades and their beauty
On June 23  I went to Shades of Beauty women of Inspiration Brunch& Award Ceremony.The  Shades of Beauty program is for   girls who learn self-esteem and vision-building. Every two years  Shades of Beauty who is a part of Hip Hop 4Life selects 10-15 young ladies who entering in to the 10th grade will participate. Then it was  the award ceremony, the Honorees for the awards was: Deja "Deja Vu" Parker, Ingrid Thomas-Clark,  Sabah Ayoub, Michaela Angela Davis, and Rosa Delgado.

Myself and Tamekia Holland Flowers, Founder of
Hip Hop4Life and Shades of Beauty. 

I meet Winnie Burch who is the owner of Moetleh Cards & Message. 
She gave me and my friend, Shaniya,  free purses

Myself and Kwame, Producer