Saturday, July 7, 2012

Be Cool. Be Kind.

"The Be Cool. Be Kind" poster 
Dee Vazquez, the host of event 
Today I attended the launch of the pro-kindness campaign, “Be Cool. Be Kind.”, which took took place at Mott Hall Bridges Academy in Brownsville, Brooklyn. Dee Vazquez, hosted the event and introduced  Ms. Michaela Angela Davis who talked about the history of making the campaign.  She said it was important for the girls to understand what it means to “Be kind and help girls to be cool with one another.”

The panel 

My favorite part was the panel because everyone  shared there experiences with bullying. The panel included Ms. Michaela; Ms. Diane (Guidance Counselor from PS 11), Dr. Wendi Williams (Professor from LIU), my mom, Nadia Lopez (Principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy) and Diondra Sims (Scholar from Mott Hall Bridges). I thought it was brave of Diondra to go on the stage to talk about her past and how people bullied or teased her about her weight, clothing, and hair. She also shared how she use to bully other people to release the pain she was feeling. 

Borough President, Marty Markowitz 
Myself and DJ Frachella 
Finally Marty Markowitz was there, he is the Borough President of Brooklyn. He was thanked my mom for  hosting the event and him talk to the audience also the girl scouts, girls inc, and mentoring programs.

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